Getting a new floor can be stressful, confusing
and full of traps.  

Use Floorchef and make sure it’s done right!


Epoxy resin floors with FLOORChef

The popularity of epoxy flooring is growing rapidly, however for those looking at this exciting option for the first time, the right way forward can seem a little hazy. How are they installed and what do they cost? Is my current floor even suitable? Are there any epoxy flooring contractors in my area? How do I know if they can deliver the floor I want?  

FLOORChef helps you get a new resin floor

Floorchef is a customer service unlike any other because it was set up to do one thing: make it easier for floor owners to get the seamless epoxy floor they’ve always dreamed of!

Like every good chef, we know the ingredients of a great resin floor and will help guide you safely through the process with a three-pronged approach you simply won’t find elsewhere:  

  1. FLOORChef educates you - getting your dream floor is all about matching your needs with the most suitable flooring option and making the right decisions every step of the way. We offer a set of exclusive, easy-to-read flooring guides that explain what epoxy flooring is all about and make this task a whole lot simpler.
  2. FLOORChef gives you a choice - everyone knows the benefits of getting multiple flooring quotes, however it can be a lot of hard work and not everyone has the time. Well, FLOORChef does it all for you! We aim to put you in touch with up to three flooring contractors that can do your job and give you some tools along the way to help choose the right fit.
  3. FLOORChef gives you a voice - at the end of the project we actually want to hear what you think – good, bad or indifferent. Importantly, we pass this feedback onto the contractor so they can follow up if required, and post your review for other floor owners to read.

That sounds like a pretty handy service, right? Something you’d expect to come with a cost, perhaps? The best part about FLOORChef is that it’s completely FREE! That’s right, you don’t have to pay a thing! We just want to help get you a stunning epoxy floor you absolutely love. 

If you’re committed to getting a new resin floor and would like to use our free service, simply click on the Contact link at the top of the page and fill out the form, or contact us through either of the options below.

FLOORChef floors are Australia wide

We help floor owners in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Mackay, Sydney, Melbourne, Launceston, Adelaide and Perth. 

Floorchef past clients:

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