Ezypoxy Rollcoat

Multi-purpose Epoxy Coating

Ezypoxy Rollcoat Multi-purpose Epoxy Floor Coating.

Product Description

A solventless, two-pack epoxy coating with multiple applications when used neat or with the addition of fillers.

The breakthrough formula can be applied horizontally or vertically, clear or pigmented and doesn’t suffer from  colour separation or settling issues. Also, excellent moisture tolerance means there’s no risk of amine blushing in wet conditions.

Quality resins and curing agents to form a durable flooring product ideal for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.


  • Roller-applied, tintable floor coating.
  • Primer for other floor coatings and sealer for porous concrete.
  • High-strength concrete patching mortar.
  • Sealing of cracks and filling of voids in concrete.
  • High-build flooring, underlayment or levelling compound.
  • Coving material.

Technical Information

Description:   2-pack epoxy/polyamine.
Colour:   Tintable.
Finish:  Semi-gloss with subtle ripple texture.
Cleaner:   MEK, acetone, methylated spirits.
Mix Ratio: 2:1 v:v
Pack Size:12 litres (with Pigment Pots).
Solids:   100%        


Technical Advantages

  • Breakthrough formula enables product to be tinted without settling or colour separation.
  • Easy-to-use viscosity.
  • Can be modified with addition of fillers/aggregates to cater for range of applications.
  • Excellent moisture tolerance means no concerns for amine blushing in high humidity or rainy weather.
  • Excellent adhesion to all common substrates.
  • Excellent overall chemical resistance.
  • Good tolerance of low temperatures.
  • 100% solids epoxy - solvent-free, low VOC emissions, non-flammable, long shelf life.
  • Australian made and owned.

Download full printable version of the Ezypoxy Rollcoat TDS

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