Need to patch, seal, cove and coat on your next job? 

Do it all with Ezypoxy products -
epoxies for more than one application!

Ezypoxy multi-purpose epoxy flooring products

Ezypoxy is a clever range of epoxy products capable of performing multiple roles on your resin flooring project. The breakthrough products offer excellent all-round performance in a wide range of roles on the floor, including priming, sealing, patching, repairing, levelling and coating. Not only that, Ezypoxy Rollcoat can be applied clear or pigmented, horizontally or vertically, and doesn’t suffer from troublesome colour separation or moisture issues.

With the added ability to go onto all common surfaces and perform in most conditions, Ezypoxy is the reason coatings just got easier!

Ezypoxy is ideal for:

  • Coating, priming, sealing, patching, crack repairing concrete floors
  • Underlayment and coving

Ezypoxy product range:

  • Ezypoxy Clear - Cost-effective, commercial-grade epoxy
  • Ezypoxy Rollcoat - Multi-purpose epoxy coating

Why Ezypoxy makes coatings easier:

  • Multi-purpose – breakthrough products can be used in many different ways on all common surfaces and in most conditions.
  • Easy-to-use – tintable, simple mix ratios and low viscosity make the products easy to use. Ezypoxy Rollcoat is also formulated to resist settling in the can, avoid colour separation and produce a consistent, semi-gloss finish.
  • High performance – good tolerance of low temperatures with excellent adhesion, strength and chemical resistance.
  • Safe – no solvents, carcinogens, flammables or strong odours allows projects to be completed without disruption or harm to nearby people.

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