Ezypoly Clear

ONE-Pack, Moisture-cured POlyurethane  

Ezypoly One-pack, Moisture-cured Polyurethane.

Product Description

A one-pack, moisture-cured polyurethane floor coating that can be used clear or modified with stir-in additives  for a pigmented or matte finish.

The solventless, easy-to-use formula has no strong odours and delivers a hard, glossy film with exceptional wear resistance.


  • Roller-applied floor coating for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Technical Information

1-pack, moisture-cured polyurethane.
Pack Size: 5 litres.
Gloss or matte.
Cleaner:   Acetone, MEK.       


  • Easy to use one-pack - no measuring required.
  • High-build - only one coat required in many applications.
  • Aliphatic technology for better weathering.
  • Stir-in additives available for pigmenting, or matting.
  • Exceptional wear resistance.
  • Excellent overall chemical resistance.
  • No solvents, low odour, non-flammable.
  • Not classified as a dangerous good for faster, easier, cheaper transport.

    Download full printable version of the Ezypoly Clear TDS

    Download full printable version of the Ezypoly Clear SDS

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