HMAS Darwin Galley


Specialist wet-space flooring system installed by Defence Floors.

The specialist wet-space system developed by Defence Floors uses Jaxxon industrial epoxies to create a non-slip floor designed to last in the harshest environments.

For a side-by-side trial with the traditional flooring option it was installed in the galley and scullery onboard HMAS Darwin, with a particular focus on performance in the aggressive areas underneath the deep fryer and within the oven secondary containment.

After 18 months of service the results were excellent. The floor had no signs of cracking or chemical breakdown and it was deemed to have out-performed the other flooring system. In response, the client gained enough confidence in the system to continue rolling it out across other wet spaces onboard the FFG class of vessels.

Download a full printable version of the HMAS Darwin Galley Case History

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