HMAS Darwin Galley Hot Works Repairs


Repairs to the flooring system conducted by Defence Floors.

With corrosion suspected inside the vessel foundations, various sections of the steel deck were cut out for repairs, including some of the wet-space flooring system installed in the galley. After the works were completed, the Jaxxon products were applied once again to restore the original floor and ensure moisture was unable to migrate through the cut interface.
A couple of notable observations were made during application. Firstly, as is often the case during installation, water was dripping onto the freshly applied product from two leaky valves. If the Jaxxon products weren’t moisture tolerant this would’ve caused delays to the project. Secondly, the floor patch was installed while further hot works were being performed in surrounding areas of the ship. The solventless nature of Jaxxon products meant there were no  flammability concerns and, once again, delays were avoided.  

Download a full printable version of the HMAS Darwin Galley Hot Works Repairs Case History

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