HMAS Darwin and Newcastle Sanitary Spaces


Specialist wet-space flooring system installed by Defence Floors in the sanitary space.

Following the successful trial in the galley and scullery, the Defence Floors wet-space flooring system was
specified for use in the sanitary spaces onboard HMAS Darwin and Newcastle.

Containing toilets, showers and change areas, these spaces are constantly wet and can be challenging for
some flooring systems. Not only is a consistent level of durable non-slip required over the floor, but work is
often completed in high humidity, which can lead to defects such as amine blushing that leaves a floor sticky and more likely to suffer a range of performance issues.

As Jaxxon products are completely moisture tolerant, the flooring application was able to proceed in the prevailing conditions without delay or use of de-humidifiers.

Download a full printable version of the HMAS Darwin and Newcastle Sanitary Spaces Case History

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