Speed PAX

Stir-in Epoxy Accelerator

Artepoxy Speed PAX Epoxy Accelerator.

Product Description

Epoxy accelerator for use as a stir-in additive in Resin PAX to reduce cure time by approximately 50%.


  • Stir-in additive when faster cure times are required, e.g. quicker return-to-service or cool temperatures.

Technical Information

Clear, yellow liquid.
MEK, acetone, methylated spirits.
Mix Ratio:
180mL per Resin PAX (8 litres).
Pack Size:
1 litre.

Technical Advantages

  • Solventless means additive can be used in confined spaces with no need for ventilation equipment.
  • 100% solids for long shelf-life.

Download full printable version of the Speed PAX TDS

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