Effect Pigment PAX

Liquid Metallic Pigment

Artepoxy Effect Pigment PAX Liquid Metallic Pigment.

Product Description

Pre-dispersed metallic pigment powder for decorative epoxy flooring applications when combined with Artepoxy Resin PAX.

The liquid pigment comes in 7 standard colours, however it can be blended to create a large range of colours (including colour change varieties).


  • Stir-in metallic effect pigment for Artepoxy Resin PAX.

Technical Information

7 standard colours - Silver, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and Colour Change.
MEK, acetone, methylated spirits.
Mix Ratio:
240-360mL per Resin PAX (8 litres).
Pack Size:
1 litre.

Technical Advantages

  • Pre-dispersed in epoxy resin without the use of solvents or diluents that can interfere with coating properties.
  • Standard colours can be easily blended to make a large range of colours or to colour match.
  • Complete wetting of pigments ensures maximum lustre and helps avoid hazing or whitening.
  • Completely dispersed pigments helps avoid “streakers” or “comets” that result from powder clumps.

Download full printable version of the Effect Pigment PAX TDS

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