Casting PAX

clear Casting resin

Artepoxy Casting PAX Clear Casting Resin.

Product Description

Casting PAX is a two-pack epoxy resin designed specifically for casting applications. The crystal clear, low-viscosity formulation is easy to work with,  safer to use and helps minimise typical problems involving bubbles, shrinkage and discolouration.


  • Clear resin for casting, decoupage, encapsulation and similar applications.

Technical Information

2-pack epoxy/polyamine.
MEK, acetone, methylated spirits.
Mix Ratio:
1:1 v:v
Pack Size:
10 litres.
Solids:   100%        

Technical Advantages

  • No Dangerous Goods - odourless product without any solvents, corrosives, flammables, carcinogens or nasty toxins for safer use and easier transport.
  • Near water clarity.
  • Formulated to defoam without heating or blowing.
  • Low curing speed helps avoid discolouring, bubbling and stress cracks.
  • Low viscosity helps fully encapsulate objects in decorative pieces, such as glass and stems in floral displays.
  • Suitable for deep pours up to 150mm.
  • Easy mix ratio can be adjusted for greater hardness and faster cure if required.
  • Good UV stability.
  • Moisture tolerant - no amine blushing or humidity concerns that can lead to tackiness and dirtiness.
  • 100% epoxy - low VOC emissions and a long shelf life (>12 months).
  • Australian made and owned.

Download full printable version of the Casting PAX TDS

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