Are bubbles, hazing and other defects
ruining your finish?

Use Artepoxy, the best decorative resins on the market

Artepoxy specialist artistic and decorative resins

A range of epoxy resins developed specifically for decorative and artistic uses. The products have been designed in response to the demands of artists and actively help combat typical problems such as crawling and foaming. If you’re pulling your hair out over defects on your floors or pieces of art, try Artepoxy - the best decorative resins on the market.

Artepoxy decorative epoxies are ideal for:

  • Decorative flooring - residential, retail and commercial
  • Clear coatings for benchtops, artworks and other decorative features
  • Casts for floral and other decorative displays
  • Sculptures

Artepoxy product range:

  • Decorative clear resin
  • Clear casting resin
  • Stir-in additives and resin modifiers

How Artepoxy lets you shape your passion:

  • Proven - a long history of outstanding performance in a wide range of residential, retail and commercial uses.
  • Superb finish - excellent levelling properties for a smooth, high-gloss finish.
  • More capability - stir-in additives can be used to increase speed, allow vertical application for sculptures etc.
  • Reliable - excellent tolerance of conditions provides a high-quality finish regardless of whether it’s hot, cold, wet or dry.
  • Safe - no solvents, corrosives, carcinogens, flammables or strong odours allows projects to be completed without disruption or harm to nearby people.
  • Easy handling - no solvents, corrosives or flammables simplifies usage and transport.
  • All common surfaces - strong adhesion to concrete, wood, fibreglass, stone and other common materials.

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