About Us


We’re building a better RESIN FLOORING industry


At Real World Epoxies, there’s more to us than just manufacturing quality floor coatings. We have a much bigger picture in mind and a dream we’re striving to reach; a dream to help build an industry of the highest standard.

In short, we want to be part of a resin flooring industry that uses the most suitable system to get the best possible result on every project.

A resin flooring industry that looks to educate, so that contractors can improve their skills and customers can make the right decisions for their own needs.

A resin flooring industry that wants to work together, so that manufacturers, contractors and customers all feel great about the jobs they get done.

A resin flooring industry that reaches its full potential.

Since the turn of the century, we’ve been working hard to make this dream a reality.

What started in product sales has spread across all fields and into most corners. Our drive to innovate took us into manufacturing where we quickly made a name with safer, real world products. Our desire to learn at the coalface and build better management systems spilled over into “supply and apply” flooring brands not long after. Eventually we added education and training to close the knowledge gap that was causing preventable failures and dividing the industry.

With all the proven IP, real world know how and priceless experience now under our belt, Real World Epoxies is more passionate than ever about achieving its dream. By sharing our resin flooring systems and educating the industry with our know how, we can have a big impact!

If you want to know more about Real World Epoxies, please contact us today!

Real World Epoxies products are manufactured in ISO9001:2008 accredited facilities